Let’s be honest: navigating through life on your spiritual path isn’t easy. You’ve already committed to a church home, study your bible daily, and try to walk the Christian walk, but you can’t help but to feel like you’re walking it alone. Your friends and family may not understand your new life and although you may have Christian friends and leaders in your community you can talk to, secretly you feel like they would judge you for your past or what you’re still struggling with. 

You know your life is more than the pain you’re currently experiencing. You know God is the only answer, but you have no clear path to the life He’s called you to. You need more wisdom on how to break free of what's holding you back...and if we’re really being honest, you know deep down you can no longer do this by yourself.

What To Expect

  • Multiple Ways to Learn

    Private, weekly group Facebook Live lessons, slideshows, and on the go podcasts of each lesson helps you learn the material and how it works best for you. Each module features deep dive exercises and special features such as interviews with Dr. Saroya Byrd-McKinney's mentors.

  • A Supportive Community

    Never be alone on your journey again. The exclusive Private Facebook Group, only for those in the program, helps you connect with other Mentees and get your questions answered by the larger group.

  • Personalized Attention

    During the program, you'll have three one-on-one phone calls with Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney to speak specifically about your journey.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Breaking Free Mentorship Program!
    Show details
    • Welcome to Breaker Nation Mentorship Course!
  • 02
    Water Into Blood - Your Commitment and Your Why
    Show details
    • "If your why don't make you cry, it's a lie." Learn why God allows us to get into bondage and leave this week being able to connect to your why plus connect with other mentees and see what why's you share in common.
    • Finding Your Why
    • Water Into Blood Key Takeaways
  • 03
    Frogs - The Counterfeit "You"
    Show details
    • This week asks simply who are you? How do you distinguish between the you your job, family, and friends has created from the you who God has called you to be? We also explore a key characteristic for breaking free: finding stability.
    • Phone Call with Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney: Who are you and who are you working towards becoming. Plus gain tips on what to focus on for the next 10 weeks.
  • 04
    Lice - The Issues of Life
    Show details
    • Learn how to take action in the midst fear. The you that stays stuck in this situation vs. the you who perseveres is all based on decisions. Study the root and nature of resistance and learn how to develop willpower to overcome life situations.
  • 05
    Flies - Detaching from Dead Things
    Show details
    • Confront self-sabotage and negativity from others head-on and learn how to identify and detach from the dead areas of your life.
  • 06
    Attack on Livestock - When Your Possessions Posses You
    Show details
    • The more you have the more fuel from the fire. This week we separate our true selves from the possessions, titles, and circumstances that have come to define us.
  • 07
    Boils - The Beauty Behind Suffering
    Show details
    • How do we confront the painful areas in our lives and actually grow from them? Learn how and why God gives us beauty for our ashes.
    • PHONE CALL with Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney
  • 08
    Hail - Get Under Cover
    Show details
    • Before you get out the valley, you have to slay your final giant. Cultivate the fear of God and develop everlasting trust in his plan for your life.
  • 09
    Locust - When Progress Goes Backwards
    Show details
    • One step forward is how many steps back? Learn that setbacks are purposeful and the establish yourself in what should never change about you: your character, good name, and integrity.
  • 10
    Darkness - Your Inner Light
    Show details
    • What happens when you can't get over it and you have to get through it? When there's darkness all around you, learn how to grab hold of the light within you bright enough to withstand anything thrown your way.
  • 11
    Death of the First Born - Your New You and Your Seed
    Show details
    • It's time for the funeral of the old you. Take one last look at what you're leaving behind and how to protect what you're building moving forward.
  • 12
    "The Enemy You See Today You Shall See No More."
    Show details
    • Learn God's promise to get you out of bondage once and for all and learn how to stay the course.
    • PHONE CALL with Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney
  • 13
    Celebrating Your Journey and Next Steps
    Show details
    • Celeberate your new chapter along with fellow mentees and Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney at in-person graduation ceremony!

Benefits After Completing the Course

  • In-person graduation ceremony with closing sermon by Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney

  • Lifelong access to the material (updated each sessions) and private Facebook group

  • Special first access and discounts to other Breaking Free Courses, events, and Breaking Free merchandise

  • Access to travel with Dr. Saroya Byrd Mckinney as a mentee on an exclusive vacation

Pricing options

God has already laid out a 10-step plan to break you free of everything that was holding you back from having the best relationship with Him and from having the life He promised you but until now. Many have only seen the lessons of Exodus through the lens of sin and suffering. This program differs from other traditional Mentorship programs because it uses God’s guide to transform you by using his teachings of bondage and methods of discipleship in a 21st century accessible format. 

This is not a traditional mentorship or coaching program where you’ll work on the goals you’ve currently identified for yourself and receive advice for advancement in that area. We are your guides and accountability partners on your self-development journey that won’t ask “what do you want to do” but give you the empowerment to access who you truly are. This is not about just strengthening your financial IQ and getting your SMART goals down to a science, but about developing the inward qualities of perseverance, self-awareness, self-love, and identity on your ultimate quest to wholeness. 

I was where you are before. A girl from Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn, New York, I was proud of myself in my early 30s when I got into New York Law School and pursued my dream of being an entertainment lawyer. I worked at HBO on popular shows, I had a loving spouse, my young daughter was excelling in school, and I made enough to start saving for a beautiful new home. Still sensing I needed more, I started going to the local church and found a new home there singing in the choir and joining the evangelism team. I thought that this is the life. 

But as I got closer to God, He began pressing on my heart that this wasn’t it. As I began finding mentors in Christ, with their help, I was exposed to traveling and preaching the Gospel around the world. Returning back to my job at home, I was increasingly met with the reality that this isn’t where God called me to be: my spouse began succumbing to his own internal issues, my boss at my dream job began nitpicking and noted she couldn’t rest until I was gone, and my intelligent daughter was offered a scholarship to a boarding school 200 miles away from home. Almost instantly, the life I had built for myself seemed like it was gone in a flash. 

Through holding on to the Word of God, sitting under leaders and mentors that I still have to this day, I began finding and living the life God had called me to in the beginning. Suddenly, I noticed how long I had been in bondage to my 9-5 job and salary, and to broken relationships. I had settled for a lower part of me.

Chances are, you’ve already started the process to get out of bondage. You listen to inspirational messages, read the Bible and other books to learn more strategies, and you confide in close friends and or an elder on life issues. Nothing comes to us along our spiritual journey until we are ready. When the student is ready, the teacher will show up. I’ve already done the studying and mapped out the strategy to get out of bondage and to obtain wholeness. Let me meet you where you are on your journey to freedom and guide you to the life God has promised you. All you need to do is show up, stand in your truth, and be open to receiving your new life. The story of the Israelites getting out of Egypt ends with Moses saying “the enemy you see today you will see no more.” I promise you, after this mentorship program, the person you will become is the free, whole you, that will manifest the will of God for your life. From your newfound internal place of freedom, that will guide you to peace and success, your life will be exceedingly and abundantly above all that you have hoped or dreamt. 

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